Igor Abramov graduated from the Altai Institute of Culture with a degree in theater director. He began to paint his first paintings back in 2005, but fame in the art world came to the 59-year-old artist quite recently. Today they want to present his works at various exhibitions both in Europe and in several eastern countries. How did the former entrepreneur from Barnaul manage to achieve this? The Sector Media correspondent talked with the Siberian artist.

- Is a contemporary artist his own manager?
- Of course it is! Today, artists are forced to look for promotion channels for their work themselves. And in this regard, art should be viewed as a business. Before, I painted pictures “on the table”, did something for myself. And only recently, about nine months ago, people began to learn about me and my work all over the world.

- Tell us what you did for your promotion? Have social media played a major role?
- Yes, the Internet helps us a lot, it shortens the distance between cities, simplifies our work. Today you don't have to go to exhibitions to see something. Online exhibitions are gaining popularity. Also, you can show your work to millions of people without leaving your home.

My journey began with the first post on Facebook. I didn’t do anything special for “promotion”, they just started to like my post, repost, leave comments on my pictures. In turn, I began to respond to these people, and activity appeared. I also use Instagram and TikTok, but these are more “showcases”. The main communication with people, cooperation agreements take place already by mail or on Facebook. By the way, I never knew how to use social networks, I started to master all this recently, there is still a lot of work ahead.

And, if earlier creative associations were widespread, today it is much worse with this, everyone is for himself, and I think that when representatives of art unite, this gives great strength. In general, the future belongs to joint projects.

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