Davide Martinazzo nasce il 28 luglio 1985 a Montebelluna (Treviso). Conduce gli studi di Grafico Pubblicitario, conseguendo il diploma nel 2004 e acquisendo il diploma Accademico di Designer nel 2007, anno in cui intensifica il suo contatto con l’arte contemporanea, collabora con alcuni artisti e studi di design in vari progetti, come per esempio la realizzazione dei calendari Confartigianato, manifesti pubblicitari per la Swatch e Collaborazioni artistico professionali presso lo studio di design (A.C studio di Montebelluna, Tv).
Attualmente vive a Montebelluna, dove conduce l’attività di artista.                                                                                     


 Davide Martinazzo was born on 28th july 1985 in Montebelluna (Treviso). He studied to become a Graphic Designer in 2004, and later he graduated as an Academic Designer in 2007. In this year the Artist became more deeply involved in contemporary art and co-operated with a number of artists and design studios in various projects: the study for the calendars Confartigianato, some advertising posters for the brand Swatch, professional and artistic participations with the design studio A.C. of Montebelluna.
He currently lives in Montebelluna, where he works an Artist.         


Davide..est né le 28 juillet 1985 à Montebelluna (Trévise).
 Il suit des études de graphiste et obtient son diplôme en 2004. Puis en 2007, il devient designer académique,
année aussi durant laquelle il intensifie son rapport avec l'art contemporain et collabore avec des artistes et studios de design sur divers projets tels que la réalisation de calendriers Confartigianato, de maquettes publicitaires pour la marque Swatch et des collaborations artistiques et professionnelles avec le studio de design A.C Studio à Montebelluna.
Il vit actuellement à Montebelluna où il poursuit ses activités en tant qu'artiste.


Davide Martinazzo has developed his pictorial research creating a separate universe, untied from every day life necessities, and rich in evocations of the dimension, of feelings seen as the only experience that can connect every individual.
The Painter’s canvas becomes the place where all elements can blend with one another in something soft and complete. Shapes become smoother and corners round off, while the silhouettes wind in a sinuous way. Colours are soft, warm and powerful building up a magic on dream-world, a dream dimension, altogether a substantional, lasting dream capable of giving voice to childhood language or eros, where everything is soft, sweet and smooth.
The curved line gives a frame to the space flow, giving birth to an ever free and dynamic morphology: sinuous calligraphy is repeated to create a weave, a decorative pattern filling up the perceptive screen, spreading to all directions.
Icon pictures stand out from these backgrounds, stylized and light hearts, letters, butterflies, musical notes, graphisms and jigsaw mark my works.: elements emanated from the Artist’s recollections making up a kind of autobiographical dictionary, both basic and rich in allusions and appeal.  
Nonetheless the choice of subjects which belong to a collective imaginary – therefore immediately recognisable – allows a flow of continuovs conversation with the observer involved in a backwards journey; this brings the observer to the retrieval of a free look, capable of feeling wonder before the things of the world.
In this way the Artist’s individual course becomes a trail to universal experience that every one can feel as their own.