Her Biography

Eleni Denart is a contemporary artist based in Athens. She started her art career painting murals since high school years for many shops,nursery rooms etc. as a part time job. She also studied mechanical engineering and worked for about ten years as a teacher in high schools (in engineering). However she never stopped painting as her heart was always set to making art so she quited her full time job to follow her dream. She studied fine art in ABC de Paris school of arts and attended many seminars about different painting techniques . Her style is fluid abstract art where she feels the artistic freedom to express who she truly is. She likes experimenting in many different art styles. Creating abstract pieces gives her freedom and a way to share her inner world with her audience . Always in search of inspiration "Sky is the limit".

Her artworks are in private collections in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Group exhibitions


A Lot Can Happen In A Year / Virtual Art Exhibition by Dac Concepts Gallery - Miami, United States


“An Overwhelming Experience: A Human - Earth Relationship" / Virtual Art Exhibition by Dac Concepts Gallery - Miami, United States


ΈΚΘΕΣΗ ΣΤΟ ΦΩΣ / Hotel Poseidon of Paros - Paros, Greece


Περασμα στο Απεραντο Γαλαζιο / Marina Naousa Paros - Paros, Greece


Αιγαιο Γεφυρα Πολιτισμου / Marina Naousa Paros - Paros island, Greece


Μνημες / Gallery "Δημιουργων" - Athens, Greece


Προσωπικα Ταξιδια / Hotel Poseidon of Paros - Paros Island, Greece


Aegean's Lights / Cultural center of Paros - Paros island, Greece


Πλαστικη Εκφραση / Gallery "Δημιουργων" - Athens, Greece 

Artist statement


Creating art is for me an unlimited source of energy and joy.

Abstract art is my happy place in the dark days and this outcome of freedom and positive vibes I want to share with you