"Show a client a painting and they will project their world into it, revealing it back to the creator. It has always been more about the receiver than the painter."
Intentional Art with impact.
Ms. Nevot is a lover of nature.
An advocate for the rights of all life to be treated with respect and dignity.
She believes in the power of art to unite and express a world unfolding and new. It is the expression that goes beyond words and calls new worlds into being.
Art is her regulator. Gently pulsing and deeply soothing.
Nevot art is designed to reflect the abstraction of our relationship to life's messiness through fluidity and appreciation. She lets each piece become its natural self and does not force or try to make the art do anything. It just does.
Lisa has been a professional artist, designer, and mentor, with a career spanning over 36 years. She has worked in illustration, publishing, graphic design, mentorship, curation, and fine art. Her works are purchased worldwide and have been published, licensed, and grace the homes of many astute collectors.
Unique work and constant fluidity keep a very distinct look and feel. To acquire a Nevot Painting is to own an expression of intimacy with color.